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Above is a pic of Gin and Itzy's litter taken Oct 2011. Photo taken by Kangas Photography. See her site at This photo is not to be used unless given permission by Desert Hobby Ranch or Shasta Grimes.


Hello and welcome to my site! My name is Shasta Hay Grimes and our place is located in Kennewick, Washington State. I've been involved with the Maltese dog for over 20 years. Started out with my Grandma getting a few Maltese puppies from a Pet Store (not good quality at all! Got 10-12 pounds and had curly hair), then my own mother bought a few TOP Quality AKC Maltese puppies and got into showing. I learned very young the difference between Pet and Show quality. Regardless, both Pet and Show quality Maltese dogs were simply wonderful lap dogs!  I've found the Maltese dog to be NOT like most small dogs. Maltese dogs don't seem to be a hyper, un-trainable or a high pitch barkers. Usually the Maltese dog will end up weighting 4-7 pounds with white long straight hair.  I've searched high and low to find the attitude and quality of dogs that I have now. Maltese dogs have the best temperament of any dog I have seen. All my own Maltese dogs are AKC registered, and breeding females all under 4 pounds. Each puppy I raise comes with AKC papers and a two year health guarantee. Maltese dogs are wonderful around kids and other animals, just come see our farm! Our puppies are raised around kids, other dogs, cats, chickens, turkeys and horses. Maltese dogs do not shed so they are good for people that are hypoallergenic and can normally not have a dog. If you truly want a loveable lap dog then a Maltese is the perfect dog for you. Look like a celebrity and own one of these cute white long haired fluff balls! Even though we are located in Kennewick, Washington aka Tri-Cities WA. Kennewick WA is located in Eastern Washington (US). We can ship at the buyers expense and only when the weather will permit.

Here is a picture of my mother and grandma who got me started in raising Maltese dogs.


What we offer to a new Maltese puppy owner

I offer a 2 year health guarantee, AKC Maltese Registration Papers, 1st puppy shots, bath, nails trimmed and we start potty training the puppies right away.  Our puppies get loads of attention and get used to being around kids, dogs and cats. This is a family hobby (Not a puppy mill) and all puppies receive the love and attention we so feel is needed. Puppies are all started on potty training from the day they can walk and treated apart of our family until they become apart of yours. Because this is NOT a puppy mill, we don't have any puppies with defects or health issues. So please don't ask me if I have a defected puppy to give at a discount! That happens only with inbreeding and usually only with puppy mills! It makes me sick that it happens, but people continue to get in a hurry to buy and don't check out the source of where their darling puppy came from! Then later they wonder why the Maltese puppy turns out to be 15 pounds and has health issues. In all the years I have been breeding, I have NEVER had a defected puppy. We have NEVER had to honor our health guarantee but it is there for your ease of mind. When you pick up your puppy, you will also receive a small bag of puppy food, chew toy and blanket. We take great pride in how we raise our puppies. They all get one on one attention and will be very much ready for your home; when the time comes! We love our dogs and it shows in what you take home. Promise!

Reserve your AKC Registered Maltese puppy now. 20% down and remaining due at time puppy is picked up around 10-12 weeks old. Typically we have a waiting list so don't be shy and wait.. Contact me to see what the availability is on a puppy. Deposits are non-refundable but you can apply deposit to the next litter if you are not ready (before puppy is 3 weeks old). Our AKC Maltese puppies we do require you to spa or neutered early as your vet feels comfortable. You will get limited AKC papers, unless full registration is purchased. I appreciate you taking the time view our site. Please feel free to give me a call/text 509-845-1802 or email with any questions about our family raised Maltese dogs. Our home is open to any visitors at any time! Meet the whole family to see why we love the Maltese bred so much.

I have a list of references I can offer at your request. I also offer a referral program for those that have bought from me in the past. We also offer a discount to those that purchase from Desert Hobby Maltese! Thank you for visiting Desert Hobby Maltese Dogs located in Kennewick WA Website and God bless you!

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Interested in a Maltese puppy?

 photos by lisa

Call, text or email me for updated litters or visit the facebook page!

e-mail or call/text Shasta at 509-845-1802.


Here are just some examples of the smiles that a Maltese dog can bring to your face.  Once you have had the experience of being around a Maltese, then you will know why they are so hard to find! Come see for your self! Visitors always welcome! Located in the deserts of Washington State!


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Meet the mommas!

AKC Registered Maltese female

DHR Mi Aspen Dream - 4 pounds 


DHR My Ivory Fantasy - IvoryDHR Mi Lil Boo Who - BooDHR Mi Lil White Zinfandel -Pics coming soon



Retired DHR Maltese momma's


left to right... Itzy, Gin, Jasmine (Retired Gin and deceased Jasmine)

Meet "Bounce" our wonderful Male stud Maltese

(yes we only have one stud)

AKC Registered Maltese Male

DHR Watch Mi Bounce




Oh yes he LOVES attention. Come meet these Maltese see for yourself!

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Our AKC Maltese Puppies

Click on photos to enlarge

photos by lisaphotos by lisaphotos by lisaphotos by lisaphotos by lisaphotos by lisaphotos by lisaphotos by lisaphotos by lisaphotos by lisaphotos by lisalisaItzy puppypuppymale


DutchesAspen and puppy

(above pic is Dutches. Who is Aspen and Bounce product. She is an example of the tiny, healthy and perfect product Bounce produces.

life sure is tuff being a Maltese puppy in our Tri-Cities, Washington state home!

Growing up Maltese!!

And below are pictures of the Maltese puppies well are just not puppies any longer. Thank you for the new families for sharing these pictures with us. You can see they are of great quality. Straight hair, perfect conformation and way fun attitudes! Once you go Maltese you won't go any other way!

Tamarawithpuppy    ginadultpuppy   ginpuppypuppygrown

 Izzy   and  Belgainne  

cute bolt3yearsoldBounceJasmineGinandAspenpuppy


Back it up video of AKC Maltese dogs..super cute..

AKC Maltese puppy playing with Meka video

Ahhh I'm so cute video of AKC Maltese puppies..


From our family to yours...



Reserve your AKC Registered Maltese today! 509-845-1802 Shasta Hay Grimes or email

Desert Hobby Ranch is located in Kennewick, WA. Eastern Washington State, 4 hours from Seattle WA and about 35 minutes from Hermiston Oregon.